NECE 2016

United States Ergonomics will be presenting multiple sessions at the National Ergonomic Conference in Las Vegas this November.

Session 1: Tuesday Nov. 15th : 1:15 – 3:45 p.m

Ergonomic Product Performance Specifications: Selecting the Best Equipment

Ensure your tools are appropriate for the job before you introduce them to the workplace. You’ll learn practical methods for assessing equipment, as well as how to apply ergonomic performance specifications to quantify and compare products. Mr. Costello will also review human performance thresholds and biometric principles and lead a discussion on case studies involving a range of industrial and non-industrial tools and equipment.

Session 2: Wednesday, Nov. 16th :1 – 2 p.m.

Human Vibration Monitoring and Control

Exposure to whole body and hand-arm vibration is a daily occurrence for millions of workers. The impact can range from no effect to debilitating and irreversible cumulative injury depending on worker technique, environmental conditions, worker health, and the duration and magnitude of the exposure. Mr. Costello will provide you with best practices for controlling the potential impact of vibration on your workforce

  • Identify the health risks associated with vibration exposure
  • Provide safe limits of exposure
  •  Determine when action is required

Kevin Costello, CPE, President, United States Ergonomics BCPE logo