Training Programs

Ergonomic Training Programs &  Workshops

Benefit from the experience of ergonomics experts who will help your company maximize employee productivity, reduce incident rates and worker’s compensation claims, and ensure safety and comfort in the workplace.

We offer practical ergonomics training for all levels of experience.

Courses include:

Common goals include:

  • Establish an ergonomic committee and in-house resources
  • Learn to use risk assessment tools, conduct ergonomic evaluations anRisk Factor Graphic Olderd quantify ergonomic issues in the workplace.
  • Define roles and responsibilities of management, employees, engineers, health & safety, medical and ergonomic committee personnel.
  • Establish guidelines for selecting equipment and designing workstations
  • Identify key metrics to track effectiveness, apply six-sigma methodologies to measure, analyze, and improve ergonomics performance.

Sessions can be customized to meet your company’s exact needs.