United States Ergonomics will be presenting multiple sessions at the National Ergonomic Conference in Las Vegas this August.

Session 1: Thursday Aug. 23, 2018 : 8:15 – 9:15 a.m.

Techniques for Quantifying Ergonomic Product Performance

Presenters: Amanda Ho, AEP, Ergonomist, Lauren Silka, CEAS Ergonomist


Session Description: Practical methods for assessing products performance will be presented. The goal is to ensure that designs meet the intended users to requirements by optimizing performance, fit and comfort while minimizing the risks of fatigue and injury.  The application of ergonomic performance specifications to quantify and compare products will be demonstrated. A combination of objective and subjective measurement techniques will be discussed.


References to human performance thresholds and biometric principles will be reviewed.  Examples including electromyography, electro-goniometry, thermal monitoring, vibration, contact pressure mapping, anthropometric and biomechanical analyses, heart rate monitoring and psychometric survey methods will be presented.  References to published criteria and generally accepted thresholds and guidelines will be reviewed as they relate to the methods discussed.


  • Learn techniques for performing competitive product benchmarking
  • Identify appropriate performance needs for design specification
  • See examples of how the test results are used by companies to promote ergonomic product performance

This session will include case studies on a range of consumer products, and industrial and non-industrial tools and equipment.


Kevin Costello, CPE, President, United States Ergonomics BCPE logo