“Following the ergonomics implementation our productivity climbed 65% while injury rates dropped to zero. ” – Corporate Director of Production R&D, Duracell

“We are an extremely satisfied customer!” – Director EHS: Invista

“Launching the ergonomics program resulted in a 51% reduction in injury rates within the first year, and a 99% reduction in restricted work day cases by the third year. ” – Corporate Director of EHS, Aventis Pharmaceuticals

“Our team increased their ergonomics knowledge by over 70%…this is practical information that is going to have a great impact on our facility” – Director of Manufacturing, Polaris Industries

“Great Presentation! There was a lot of information I could apply to my site.”- Six Sigma Expert, Ford Motor Company

“To the point! [The training] provided us with tools and knowledge to better assess a job from the ergonomics point of view. Great Course!” – Process Improvement Engineer, Ingersoll-Rand

“The speakers knowledge and presentation skills were excellent. I found the information to be vitally important for the performance of my job” – Workers Compensation Coordinator, Safety Administrator, Duramax Inc

“The awareness levels of our EHS, engineering and associate staff members increased dramatically… we’ve applied what we learned into our process and are having great success.” – Corporate Director EHS, Agriliance

“These guys really know their stuff…” – Director of Loss Control Services, Multi-national Insurance Company

“Ergonomics was central to our “Factory of the Future” design. The result was 30% more product out the door with an elimination of risks to our workforce.” – Vice President of Manufacturing Technology, Major Computer Manufacturer