Usability & Design

Ergonomics product testing is performed in our state of the art ergonomics laboratory. Achieve measurable improvements in usability, comfort, fit and productivity while reducing error potential and the risk factors associated with ergonomic injury.

• User experience researchEQUID Design Flow Chart

• Expert ergonomic analysis, concept design & specifications

• Product validation

US Ergonomics has extensive experience in the ergonomic testing & design of a broad range of consumer and professional products.

Products Tested

Surgical equipment, medical products, pipets, powered and non-powered hand tools, bar code scanning equipment, office products, Point of Service devices (POS),  sporting goods & equipment, protective gear, insoles, aircraft cockpit controls & layout, airline seating, office seating, truck seating, children’s strollers, keyboards,  industrial vehicles, lift trucks, automobile interiors, automotive seating, construction vehicles, mattresses, ejection seating, flight controls, professional footwear, control panels, joysticks, game controllers, appliances, cosmetic dispensers, medicinal packaging, aerospace tools, automotive assembly tools, toothbrushes, pens, pencils, hammers, grip surface materials, exam gloves, industrial gloves, knives,  computer mice, trackballs, 3-D CAD input devices, golf gloves, more…