Industrial Ergonomics

Our expert ergonomists can assist with whatever ergonomic need you may have including:


Industrial Ergonomics & Program Services

  • Ergonomics Program Audit & Strategy Development
  • Ergonomics Job Analyses & Solution Design
  • Ergonomic Risk AssessmentsBCPE logo
  • Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

Industrial Ergonomics Training Programs

  • Ergonomics Leadership Workshop
  • Applied Ergonomics for Managers and Supervisors
  • Ergonomics Awareness for Employees
  • Effective Ergonomics Strategies Seminar
  • Advanced Ergonomics
  • Custom Program Development

Advanced Ergonomics Services

  • Ergonomics Engineering Simulation, Analysis
  • Ergonomic Design of Assembly Lines, Equipment or Facility Design
  • Ergonomics Exposure Monitoring & Job Design
  • Vibration Measurement & Abatement Programs
  • Pre-Placement Screening Programs

By measuring work demands, US Ergonomics can help you determine if changes to the work are necessary and, if so, how much change is required to be within acceptable limits. Job requirements may be measured on-site using a variety of ergonomics tools including (e.g., heart rate, body temperature, muscle effort) to establish safe levels of work exposure based on physiological, biomechanical and anthropometric job demands. Before investing time, money and effort make sure the workplace changes being considered are appropriate and necessary.

US Ergonomics focuses on solutions. The engineering ergonomists work closely with your in-house expertise and suppliers to provide effective solutions to workplace hazards. Using our extensive experience from thousands of ergonomic analyses, our engineering ergonomists can specify appropriate ergonomic controls. We provide options… from no-cost or low-cost solutions to complete engineering controls.

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