Industrial or Office Train-the-Evaluator

The Train-the-Evaluator course is an interactive 8 or 16 hour course that has been designed to provide in-house resources with the knowledge needed to conduct office and industrial ergonomic evaluations.  The session involves ‘hands-on’ ergonomic evaluations of employees by the attendees.

The training content can be customized to reflect the workstations and work practices at the site.

Curriculum: Train-the-Evaluator for Industrial Ergonomics
Curriculum: Train-the-Evaluator for Office Ergonomics


Introduction to Ergonomics

  • Definitions of Applied Ergonomics
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders & CTDs
  • Risk Factor Overview
  • Workplace Examples

 Ergonomics Program Best Practices

  • Successful Methods for Integrating Ergonomics into Existing Company Efforts
  • Effective Policies & Procedures
  • Workplace Evaluation (Risk Factor Checklists)
  • Hazard Abatement (Engineering/Administrative Controls)
  • Training & Education
  • Medical Case Management
  • Case Studies in Ergonomics

Form and Function of the Body Related to Work Design

  • Basic Anatomy of the Human Body
  • Simple Upper Extremity and Spinal Biomechanics
  • Applications to Proper Work Technique
  • Muscle effort and reducing fatigue potential
  • Optimizing upper extremity work technique
  • Optimizing manual materials handling work techniques

Ergonomic Risk Factors and Injury Potential

  • Workplace Risk Factors (Posture, Force, Repetition, Vibration, Contact Stress, Environment)

Applied Sciences of Ergonomics

  • Work Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Anthropometry

Ergonomic Design Guidelines

  • Product/Process Improvement Through Ergonomic Designs
  • Tool Design Guidelines
  • Manufacturing Workplace Design Guidelines
  • Office and Seating Design Guidelines

Risk Factor Identification Through Interactive Exercises

  • Risk Factor Analysis Methods
  • Employee Survey Methods
  • Injury Log Assessment
  • Ergonomic Risk Factor Identification
  • Procedures for Conducting Ergonomic Workplace/Tools Assessments
  • Viewing of job video tapes To Identify Risk Factors (postures, reaches, repetitive/excessive motions, poorly designed workstations)

Hands-on application of the risk analysis techniques

  • Trainees break into groups of 3-4 to go into work areas and perform ergonomic audits (video, questionnaire surveys)
  • Groups identify ergonomic risks and develop methods of reducing injury potential
  • Presentations of Audits by Each Team

Strategy Discussion, Review & Conclusions