Product Certification

United States Ergonomics offers ergonomic certification of products, equipment, and processes.ErgoPkg1PV

What is Ergonomics Certification?

A product that has received certification provides measurable ergonomic benefits to the user by improving comfort and fit and by minimizing the risk factors that may cause injuries.

How is Certification Determined?

Certification is based on a series of rigorous  tests developed specifically for a product family to quantify the ergonomic performance. To obtain certification it must be evident that the product or equipment meets or exceeds threshold criteria for approval. These criteria are derived from published literature and standards  and/or adhere to the fundamental principles of ergonomics, biomechanics and human factors. Testing includes a combination of objective and subjective methods to quantify the ergonomic effects on actual users.

What is the advantage of a Ergonomic Certification?

Ergonomics Certification by United States Ergonomics indicates that leading experts in the field of ergonomics back your product. These experts stand behind the ergonomics claims being made about your product through the use of objective test results. This knowledge can be useful in preparing patent claims, educating consumers and developing product marketing strategies

How do I get my product Certified?

To learn more about the certification process please contact us (516) 759-2418 ext. 1 :