The Train-the-Evaluator course is an interactive 8 hour session that has been designed to provide in-house resources with the knowledge needed to conduct office ergonomic evaluations.  The session involves ‘hands-on’ ergonomic evaluations of employees by the attendees.

The training content can be customized to reflect the workstations and work practices at the site.

Curriculum: Train-the-Evaluator for Office Ergonomics

Introduction to Ergonomics

  • Definition of Terms, Historical Perspective
  • The Science of Ergonomics/Biomechanics
  • Trends and Statistics Associated with computer usage
  • Appropriate regulations and standards

Form and Function of the Human Body

  • Simple Anatomy and Physiology of the Body
  • Simple Biomechanics of the Wrist & Upper Extremities
  • Simple Biomechanics of the Torso & Spine
  • Commonly occurring CTDs (Cause/Effect)
  • Static Postures

Ergonomic Issues in the Office

  • The ergonomics risk factors
  • Repetition
  • Posture
  • Force
  • Static Postures (back, neck, legs)
  • Contact Stress
  • Lighting/Glare
  • Employee technique
  • Seating
  • Workstation Heights & Layout

Conducting Ergonomics Evaluations

  • On-on-One evaluation methods
  • Conducting ergonomic “sweeps”
  • Making on the spot changes
  • Specifying corrective actions
  • Employee education
  • Reporting & Follow-up

Managing the Program

  • Tracking employee requests
  • Prioritizing (who gets what?)
  • New Hire or Employee Move Process
  • Re-evaluations
  • Software Based Approaches

Individual Workstation Assessments (Approximately 20 min. at each workstation)

  • Groups of 2-3 trainees
  • Evaluate job requirements and perform workstation adjustments
  • Perform one-on-one employee training on workstation adjustments and ergonomic issues
  • Present results to group

 Discussion of Findings and Recommendations