Product Design & ResearchUS Ergo Color Logo 2-D

  • User experience & field research
  • Concept development & testing
  • Ergonomic design specifications

Ergonomics Product Testing

  • User interface and human factors testing
  • Competitive product benchmarking
  • Best-in-Class testing
  • Concept validation testing
  • Comfort design modeling
  • Patent claim validation & application support

eli wired up   RFID wired subject Snip test Greenlee OH 

Ergonomics Product Certification

  • Product performance validated through rigorous testing
  • Test data to support claims
  • Testing performed by Certified Professional Ergonomists

Customer Education & Marketing Support

  • Validation of product claims
  • Educational seminars for users
  • Educational seminars for sales staff
  • Conference presentations
  • Peer review articles

Maria scanner test picture emgSeat Back & Pan pressure

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