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Workplace Design

Prior to investing millions of dollars in workplace design or equipment purchase, US Ergonomics can conduct simulation and objective testing of the proposed design and recommend modifications to ensure success. A variety of ergonomic analysis tools may be applied to assess the ergonomic appropriateness of new installations or proposed modifications to the workplace while they are still in the “drawing phase.” The results have been used very successful in “Factory of the Future” and broad implementations of workplace change.

US-Ergo offers a variety of expertise and services to cover an extensive range of projects. US-Ergo provides complete ergonomic project management using highly experienced Certified Professional Ergonomists.

Ergonomics Workplace Services Include:

• Ergonomics Risk Factor Analysis

• Job design

• Solution Justification

• New or existing product integration & tooling development

• New production line design

• Facility design & layout

• Staffing of on-site contract ergonomists