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  • US Ergonomics Presenting at National Ergonomics Conference - United States Ergonomics will be presenting multiple sessions at the National Ergonomic Conference in Las Vegas this November. Session 1: Tuesday Nov. 15th : 1:15 – 3:45 p.m Ergonomic Product Performance Specifications: Selecting the Best Equipment Ensure your tools are appropriate for the job before you introduce them to the workplace. You’ll learn practical methods for   » Read more
  • Train-the-Evaluator - Office or Industrial Train-the-Evaluator The Train-the-Evaluator course is an interactive 8 or 16 hour session that has been designed to provide in-house resources with the knowledge needed to conduct office and industrial ergonomic evaluations.  The session involves ‘hands-on’ ergonomic evaluations of employees by the attendees. The training content can be customized to reflect the workstations   » Read more
  • Ergonomic Specifications for Hand Tools - Proper tool selection can guarantee user comfort, productivity and injury prevention.  Tool makers need to provide evidence of their product’s performance. Buyers must push vendors for proof  of performance. Companies such as Boeing and General Motors use design specifications to test and compare products prior to purchase. Factors including  vibration, thermal conductivity,  speed and efficiency, hand fit & sizing, weight, balance, and   » Read more
  • Standing Work: Comfort & Productivity - Recent warnings of health concerns related to seated and sedentary work have frightened office workers to their feet. While demands for standing work solutions have increased dramatically, many companies are struggling to justify the need while attempting to satisfy employee requests.